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Using Sigfox technology, Connected Baltics provides an affordable, energy-efficient and simple network for sensors and devices that make up the Internet of Things.

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Connected Solutions

Sensors and Devices

We design and develop low cost, energy efficient IoT-sensors

We design and develop low cost, energy efficient IoT-sensors

Taylor made IoT solutions from circuit board design to mass production

Fast and agile prototyping, low cost and energy efficient

We master Sigfox LPWAN technology and the whole ecosystem

Production capabilities from 10´s to 10.000’s of devices

Global reach and seamless ecosystem

Our Existing Portfolio

Connected Solutions helps you in finding the most suitable Sigfox-device - either tailor made one or one from the ready-made portfolio

Connected AirWits

Connected AirWits is a wirelessly connected temperature and humidity metering device with ultra long battery life of five years. This intelligent and small device measures and sends the temperature and humidity data once in 30 minutes, and uses the worldwide Sigfox IoT-network connectivity for data transmission, enabling very low lifetime cost.

Connected TempGuard

Connected TempGuard is a robust connected temperature metering device with two external temperature sensors, 30 minutes measuring interval and ultra long battery life of five years. External temperature sensors can be freely installed, for example inside refrigerator, concrete, air duct or different building materials. Sensor cables can also be separately purchased and the central unit is re-usable.

IoT Platform

The software platform for Sigfox powered IoT devices data management

Multi-tenant, Enterprise SaaS IoT-platform for Sigfox powered devices

Easy setup for payload parsing and conversion with graphical interface

Customer’s own data can be migrated via API:s together with IoT data

Highly configurable dashboard views and alarm functions

Device fleet management and provisioning tools

Powerful search and grouping tools for devices, customers, groups etc.

Platform Structure

Web Services

Rest Api




Rest Api

1. Pass Through

2. On Demand

3. Time Based


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