About Us

Connected Baltics OÜ was founded in November 2016 by four colleagues Kushtrim Xhakli, Markku Patronen, Tom Lindblad and Marko Vanninen. Stars were aligned and the exciting journey began. Fellows have a combined telco-experience of over 50 years and all three were and still are very thrilled about the opportunity to do something totally different but still in the telecommunication sector.

Connected Finland the parent company of Connected Baltics OÜ has raised MEUR 3 funding within two rounds and has a strong fleet of respectable investors, the largest ones being LähiTapiola, Fennia, Nordea and Tekes. The company is running nationwide Sigfox-networks in Estonia and Finland and offers also devices, projects and IoT-platform with sub-brand Connected Inventions for the whole ecosystem throughout the world.

Legal Information:
Connected Baltics OÜ
Registry Code: 14158880
VAT: EE101937438
Hobujaama 4, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia